Who’s this?

Patrick van den Hoek, 30 y/o, voiceover artist, radio personality, Amsterdam The Netherlands based.


In my career in this industry, I have been on the air on several local, regional and nationwide radio stations. Also I’m supporting many radio stations (home and abroad, as well online) in their creative process: marketing, on-air personality coaching, setting up or re-branding radio stations, designing radio formats (music scheduling / promotions), online presence and more. I am also responsible for IT and sound design (on-air processing to imaging) of several radio stations.

Through my broad knowledge and insights in the daily developing music industry, I create tailored formats for a desired target audience with Powergold, RCS GSelector or MusicMaster. Well experienced working with RCS, Dalet, Zetta, OmniPlayer, Microsoft Server Platform and audio/video streaming solutions.

Since fall 2016 I’m the proud owner of a couple of radio stations in Spain, Europe. Get in touch to learn more.


My voice is heard on several platforms like Radio, TV, IVR Systems, Garmin Navigation Systems (US) and more. My vocal chords can sound young, mature, hard-selling or corporate. I have my own professional recording studio for voiceover work at home and I’m able to deliver your script within an hour (when urgent) or I can visit your recording studio. To learn more about my work as an voiceover artist and hear some samples, go here.

On-Air Talent coach

Inspiring talent coaching for local, regional and nationwide radio stations. To get the most out of you as a On-Air talent. Not telling you all the ‘bad things’ but teaching you how to grow on the airwaves with a positive and great vibe. Finding the right personality sound that suits you as a person. Get in touch to learn more.

Sound Processing

In a competitive market like FM Radio – or even online – you need to stand out against others. Thanks to my years of experience and knowledge of various equipment with brands like as Orban, Omnia and StereoTool, I can help your radio station to achieve this. Make your station heard.
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From time to time I’m blogging about things like Radio, Television, Voiceover work and IT-related stuff. Read more here.

Me in a couple of words

Patrick = Professional, Pure Media, Creative, Open-Minded, Humorous, Helpful, Ambitious, Honest, Educational, Reliable, Enthusiastic, Radio Imaging, Japanese Food, Workaholic, Loyal, Motivated, Music freak, Radio specialist and Entrepreneur.